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2013 News (our 4th year!!)

[Georgetown, TX -- Dec. 25th, 2013] We moved from our Round Rock home to Georgetown last year. The new place is better suited to lights, but required a redesign for the new layout.

Since 2011 we have taken a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) route with controllers, software and lighting elements. Going with DIY allows a LOT of new flexibility and it also has significant cost savings. When you spend the time to become familiar with DIY concepts, it empowers you to mix and match pieces from the best ideas that you find around you.

Here are some GREAT sites... I've learned a lot from each, and each has a great community of like-minded people that share ideas and work together for the fun of it. For many of us, this is a year-round hobby! DIY equipment is fun to build and I'm hooked!

Close to home is a great bunch of people interested in animation, lighting, various holidays, DIY, and off-the-shelf... come by to to join us!

The latest big idea is to use RGB (Red-Green-Blue) LED lighting that allows each pixel of light to be adjusted to ANY color individually.

What's new?? Let's see...

  • (16) RGB flood lights on the house,
  • (15) 5-color mini-trees,
  • (9) RGB 5' snow flakes on the house, walls and fence,
  • (4) RGB stars,
  • (3) 1000-bulb RGB light panels,
  • (24) RGB Arches -- totalling 240',
  • (1) 3400-bulb, 30-foot RGB mega-tree!!
  • (2) Light-tube mega-trees
  • Strobes, Snowfall/Meteor-tubes, and more!
The display has over 30,000 LED lights now, with over 32,000 channels of control -- but I'm still adding items.

How do you program all of these lights?? GLAD YOU ASKED!! :)
NutCracker is a NEW and FANTASTIC piece of software, available from The software is powerful, easy to use, and allows an infinite number of effects to be applied to the elements in your display. NutCracker lets you share sequences easily with others, you define your "objects" as trees, matrices, arches or custom objects... then you apply flexible, animated effects to those objects -- timed to music transitions.

Welcome to and enjoy the LIGHTS!

Steve (...and family!!)


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Accepting donations for: The Caring Place

A Caring Place with Caring People..., Our mission is to serve human needs in Georgetown and Northern Williamson County.
The Caring Place assists families in the following ways: Financial Assistance:
  • Rent, utilities, medical expenses, temporary shelter, transportation, other.
  • Non-financial Assistance: Food, clothing and household items.
  • Feeding Programs: Fresh Food for Families and Hope
  • Annual Programs: Coats for Kids and Christmas food distribution.
The need is great. Every day, staff and volunteers help get people back on their feet with the basics of life: food, shelter and clothing.


Starts December 1st and ends January 1st.

5pm 'til 10pm nightly


Tune into FM 100.3 for the Choreographed Music!

Thanks for joining us this festive season.

More light displays and music selections will be added as the holiday season continues!



Number of lights:

30,000 (ALL LED energy-efficient bulbs!!)

Number of Animated Light Channels:





Find more lights:

Trail of Lights Web-based program -AND- available as an Android app within Google Play!